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Alma Carroll's 80th Birthday celebration

Ms Alma Carroll , will celebrate her 80th Birthday on December 17th @ sugar hill restaurant supper club and restaurant

e-mail invite

Thursday, October 27, 2005


CBJC Sponsor Organizatons

Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium is a 501(c) 3, charitable entity, registered with the State of New York. CBJC events are sponsored in part by Councilman Albert Vann; Assemblywoman Annette Robinson; Assemblywoman Tish James; Assemblyman Roger Green; The Yamaha Corporation of America; the BAM Local Development Corp.; Sugarhill Restaurant Supper Club & Disco; Restoration Center for Arts & Culture; The Daily Challenge; BCAT; Brooklyn Department of Parks; Ulysses Kilgore; JP Morgan Chase; Our Time Press; and the members of the CBJC.



Afro Art Designs, Akwabaa Café, Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Arts & Culture, BAM Local Development Corporation, Bedford Stuyvesant Legal Service, Benny Powell, Birdell Records, Brooklyn 4 Plus One, Inc., Concord Baptist Church of Christ, Crown Heights Youth Collective, Cunning Music Co, Ed Stoute, Eric Fraizer, Artist Mosaic (FashionFlyte, A-liners), Hanson Place Central United Methodist Church, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, Janes United Methodist Church, Jazz 966, Jazz Associates, Jazzpazazz Preservation Society, Jazzy Jazz at Medgar Evers College, Long Life, Information & Referral Network, National Black United Front, Non Stop Production, Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church, Pumpkins, Pure Jazz Magazine, Sistas’ Place, St. Philips Episcopal Church, Stanley Banks, Sugarhill Restaurant Supper Club & Disco, The Jazz Spot, United Music Makers, Up Over Jazz Café, Williamsburgh Music Center.

CBJC MEmber Muscians Ahmed Abdullah, Stanley Banks, Wade Barnes, Bob Cunningham, Gerri Eastman, Eric Frazier, Jeff King, Benny Powell, Wayne Winston, and Ed Stoute.

JAzz Poet Hall Valle


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Weather or Not

The leaves may be green , but fall is here! Our pioneers celebrated with warm blankets and hot cider!, Not To be outdone we will enjoy the beautiful fall weathers.
However we've checked the farmers Almanac! Their general prediction!October 28th-31st. Fair!
Farmers Almanac Weather - Northeast States

This is scheduled to take place 1-5 in th eoutdoor ampitheater, However in case of inclement weather we will move indoors to the Eubie Blake Theater. Sign our mailing list for e-mail delivery of last minute descision. or check


Hubert Von King Cultural Arts Center

Hubert Von King Cultural Arts Center

670 LaFayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11216

Boast a beautiful outdoor Ampitheatre That would be transformed as a showcase for exceptional performances...

Easily accessible via public transport bring the entire family It is events such as this that inspired a generation to lobby and ensure that this multifaceted cultural fascility complete with a dance studio, indoor theartre, and fully functional kitchen was placed in our community! Ms Alma Carroll Founder of Jazzpazazpreservation Society was one such individual. This free Community events, will cater to jazz lovers, arts, crafts , vendors and talent showcases and a celebration of history and culture for all members of the family! Bring a blanket, there are food vendors to satisfy the appetite!

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Get Direction to the event

Google Local - Herbert Von kinG Arts and Cultural Center loc: Brooklyn , ny:

Von King Recreation Ctr 670 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY (718) 622-2082 City of New York Parks and ... ... at Christopher St. (718) 485-4633, Herbert Von King Cultural Arts Center 670 Lafayette Ave between Marcy and Tompkins Aves. ...

or via Yahoo! Maps - Brooklyn, NY 11216-1031

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Musicians Scheduled to Appear

Bob Cunningham
For Bob Cunningham Discography see

Jazz Yesterday Today and Tomorrow!
CBJC Member, musician has a career that spans, jazz, yesterday, contributes to jazz today and explores where jazz is going tomorrow! Born In 1934, Mr. Cunningham’s love affair with Jazz and it’s lifestyle a began in the 1940’s. He has fully embraced all aspects of JAZZ; its music, art, poetry, entertainment, enterprise and even exploring it’s relevance in modern technology!

Bob Cunningham’s Biography and photos courtesy Cunning Music CO

Samadhi, that high meditative state whereby the human spirit realizes its total oneness with the Creator, is deemed the greatest ecstasy one can experience. Bassist Bob Cunningham appears to reach, or closely approach that ecstatic state as he blends himself in oneness with his Bass and with the rich, luminous sounds he skillfully coaxes from it. He clearly enjoys and relishes every stroke and sound of the instrument, and this thorough enjoyment of his polished musical craft inevitably translates into the collective enjoyment and soul movement of each audience Cunningham musically serves.
Cunningham's exquisite mastery of the Bass was not born full bloom overnight like many of the jazz greats before him, Bob Cunningham has had years of "dues-paying" under his belt. His first link with the world of music was at the age of seven when he began studying the piano. At twelve he had entered into the first stage of his life long romance with the bass, little realizing that by 17 he would be a recognized and highly appreciated professional musician.
A native of Cleveland, Ohio having entered life on this planet on December 28, 1934, Bob Cunningham has tasted the fruit from many different trees of the music world from classical to contemporary. He studied the Bass privately with such accomplished master instructors as Jacques Possell and June Cobb of Ohio, as well as the illustrious Art Davis and Homer Mench of New York. The Cleveland Music Institute and the prestigious Julliard School of Music further contributed to the rounding out of his musical growth.
The contemporary greats with whom Cunningham has performed read like a brilliant "Who's Who" of the music world. Having moved to New York in 1960, he has jammed and gigged with such notables as Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, Betty Carter, Aminata Moseka "Abbey Lincoln", Sun Ra, Art Blakely, Freddie Hubbard, Pharoah Saunders, and Yusef Lateef, for whom he composed and arranged a number of pieces.
With the Yusef Lateef Quartet, Bob and his beloved Bass toured many parts of the world including Africa, the Caribbean, and North and South America. The richness of these travels, experiences, and cultures enhanced his music. He relates "That music generated in him a range of emotions and personal memories of people and places" with his mind "occasionally flashing back to those places that inspire the music, such as Ipanema and San Paulo in Brazil".
These memories of Brazil in particular, reveal themselves in the sambas Cunningham is fond of composing and playing. His commitment and intimate involvement with music leads him to describe music as sensual, as sending him "floating and flying" as having the capacity to captivate and elevate him as a musician to a point of "near levitation".
Viewing the intense effects of music on his own psyche, Bob feels a great responsibility in regard to the type of music he composes and plays for others. "Songs carry thoughts and emotions with them,” he states. “They have actual physical effects on people, effects, which can be either healing and uplifting or destructive”. “The musician has to be cognizant of the possible effect of his or her music on the listeners and that different kinds of music create differing reactions in people.” “ For example sad songs, while they may make us want to cry, also help us to cleanse our souls, to get rid of a lot of pent-up waste.”
“Music is a good unifying force for people”. “People of different ethnic and religious groups can all get together through the common thread of music.” “Music can even bring Democrats and Republicans together”.
Bob Cunningham's love affair with music has brought him together with many varying elements of the music field, including stints with such great symphonies as The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Georgia Symphony Orchestra, Collective Black Artists Orchestra, Cologne Germany Radio Orchestra, and Symphony of the New World.
His composition, "Soul Fruit”, was filmed in 1981 for a German television Jazz documentary. Noted as 'one of the modern arco-masters on bass " Cunningham has gone to work with not only accomplished musicians, but also noted choreographers such as Eleo Pomare, Rod Rodgers, Raymond Sawyer and luminous poets like Sonia Sanchez, Sandra Sharp, Camille Yarbrough, and Gylan Kain.
The Bob Cunningham Super Show, his group, moved beyond musical offerings to encompass also the world of singing and dancing with a sprinkling of original poetry to further enhance the artistic flavor.
Viewing the musician's need to be "aggressively progressive", Bob Cunningham has mastered the art of successfully combining musical genius with business acumen. He presently serves as chairperson of Musicians Union 802 Jazz Committee, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Jazz Foundation of New York. Having done work for television and motion pictures, he looks forward to future television and acting work involving his music.
His recent album "Walking Bass,” is a testament to his skill as a business person, as well as his many years of disciplined and polished artistry as a bassist. Tunes ranging from stimulating, upbeat numbers such as the title tune,” Walking Bass" to the mellow, pensive pieces ("Lover's Theme" followed by "Rainy Afternoon") keep you on your musical toes. Here in too are the dedicated renditions to the greats

"Blues for Basie" and Gillespie's Jazz classic, "Manteca". One cannot help but agree with Aminata Moseka's (Abby Lincoln) words on the cover, "Bob Cunningham is brilliant, the flame is high!"
In the book, Writings of the Yusef Lateef Quartet: Something Else, Bob Cunningham pens, "Religion is said to be a way of life. For me, music is a way of life. My religion is music. Through music I have gained a greater feeling of empathy and realization of my Creator".
And with that, this master bassist continues in a fabulous career of making a joyful, skillful, and most beautiful "noise unto the Lord". He has reached a realm of musical Samadhi, and indeed as Moseka, our beloved melodic messenger has attested, "The Flame is High".
Bob Cunningham
718 282-8672 (t)
718 469-4922 (f)

Emme Kemp

Evelyn Blakey

Terri- Felicia

Patsy Grant
Patsy Grant

Linda Wilson and the Swing Men
Sweet Papa” Lou Garrison Jr. (Keyboard)

He started playing the piano at the age of 10. “Sweet Papa” has played music for many for 66 years. Lou currently plays at various Senior Citizen organizations and the Public Libraries. Many Clubs such as Gaithers, Londel’s, Sivers, Dean Street Café, Frank’s Place, Jazz Club 966 and The Motorcycle Club just to name a few have booked his group eagerly. Sweet Papa Lou has been inducted into the Brooklyn Music Hall of Fame with honors in the world of jazz and swing music. Sweet Papa Lou plays at his church every Sunday and even there you can hear and feel the inspirational feelings of his jazz. Many churches, which hired his group for Jazz Vespers, can attest to this.

Cephas “C” Edward’s (Saxophone)

“C” played the sax since age 11. He continued during Junior High School and while at Franklin K. Lane High School. He entered the army in 1949. He played in the army band for years. While living in Germany during his service in the army he attended Dachau School of Music. He studied with the great German masters of the symphony. Many of these German musicians were with the Third Reich. While stationed in Germany, he played with The Max Greggor Big Band. Cephas played with the Late George Thompson, Vennie Knight, Shad Royful Big Band, Montclair Big Band, Hal Gray, Frank Spooner Trio, and 40 years with the Swingmen, under the direction of Lou Garrison, Jr.

Flip Flip-N (Bass)

John Raymond Flip-N is an extremely talented musician. Flip has been a member of the Fat Back Band for over 19 years with Atlantic Records. They still tour Paris annually; March 2004 he will tour again. He has performed with Bill Doggett writer of Honky Tonk, (King Label), Lionel Hampton (six months), Stylistics, Chuck Jackson and Erma Franklin. Flip has toured with Heat Wave, Earth, Wind and Fire, The Temptations, Taylor Dayne (she sang, “I’ll always love you”). Before Rap became Rap, that is during Blondie, Curtis Blow time Flip was Rappin” with King Tim, III. Flip wrote hits like. “The Bus Stop”, “Girl”, “The Girl is Fine”, “Coming Home To See My Baby”, “Spanish Hustle”, and two other songs which are in movies. “I Found Lovin”, in the movie House Party 2, and also in the movie Brown Sugar.

Tommie Green (Drummer)

Tommie has been playing drums since he was eight years old. Tommie has played on many recording with many musicians. Tommie is the behind the scene music catalysts of the group. He maintains the movement and the rhythm of the bands. Tommie had toured nationally and internationally with Rock Groups and Rock and Roll Groups. If we list all of the records he has appeared on and other touring groups, we would need at least two pages in small print. This musician did not come from humble beginnings. Tommie Green is a Fort Green Community Treasure. His Father has a park named after him; “The Tommie Green Playground” in downtown Brooklyn. Both were important community activist. His mother is still pushing on. All we can say is let the drums beat on!

Linda “LadyJazz” Wilson (Vocalist)

Linda is a Bed-Stuy treasure. She began her music career singing in talent shows in Junior High School. She performed with two other teenagers and the three girls sang all the Supremes songs. Mary Brown was the leader and Margaret Baker and Linda were backups. All three came from strong church backgrounds. They all were singers in their church choirs. Linda began studying the Viola and played classical music during high school. While in college even though she studied music orchestration she added acting to her craft. Linda has performed in over 20 outdoor music fair concerts and many clubs. She has performed at Londel’s, Dean Street Café, Frank’s Place, and Jazz Club 966, just to name a few. She has been in many Gospel productions under the direction of Andre’ Vereen. Linda is not a vocalist to be overlooked--her styling is truly jazz at its best. Her talent to speak Spanish fluently allows one to enjoy her singing Besame Mucho. The writer Carmen Velasquez would have thought that she wrote this song for Linda. Linda has been singing with the Swingmen since 1990. She has said many times, “My Jazz beginnings have been motivated by special men”, her father Samuel Wilson, Louie and Cephas, One special woman whose “ears” are the best in music world which detect all sounds (Don’t mess up around her), ---Karin her sister.

Jazz Tommorrow

Circuit Productions,
Susan Goldbetter, Producer presents
to perform @Jazz:Yesterday Today & Tommorrow

The Charles Moore Youth Ensemble was created in 1998 for the purpose of continuing the legacy of the late Charles Moore in community-based programs targeting youth and teens. The CMYE has performed for the Brooklyn Children's Museum, Brooklyn Friends School , Shirley Chisholm's retirement gala, at Borough Hall for events presented by the Brooklyn Borough President, the Hon. Marty Markowitz and throughout the city at churches, parks, senior centers, libraries and museums.The company is presently the oldest professional dance company in Brooklyn . Founded in 1974 by the great contemporary choreographers, the late Charles Moore and Ella Thompson Moore, the company's colorful African, Caribbean and African-American dance programs have thrilled New York audiences for years. The company has performed at Symphony Space, Lincoln Center, and Central Park and has been broadcast on the PBS series, "Great Performances. The Charles Moore Dance Theatre is noted for its reconstructions of African dances thought to be lost forever.
635 Carroll Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 638-4878

The Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium is proud of their musicians who have chosen to take an active part in the preservation of this Cultural legacy. Member musicians Ahmed Abdullah, Stanley Banks, Wade Barnes, Bob Cunningham, Gerri Eastman, Eric Frazier, Jeff King, Benny Powell, Wayne Winston, and Ed Stoute, have among them a wealth of experience talent and expertise which they willingly contribute towards the direction and policies that CBJC pursues! Their contribution has been vital in making Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium the success it has become in just six years, come celebrate with them @ old fashion open Jam session carded for 3-5. Herbert Von King arts and cultural center, 670 Lafayette Ave( between Marcy and Tompkins) Brooklyn NY. The Chairman and executive committee, and general body salute them for their contributions, and invite other musicians to come aboard call the cbjc office 1-718-875-1016 or Email

Check website for information on their recordings, scheduled performances and links to their contact info! The website also host a calendar where jazz artist can list their jazz related events and Jazz enthusiasts can subscribe to weekly calendar updates!


Vendors Schedule

Vendors will be set up By 11 AM come by and enjoy their offerings

Cruises Inc.
Local 718/221-4810
Toll Free 888/694-0100
Specializing in groups of every kind, including music, dance and
fundraisers at sea, as well as every kind of cruise, everywhere, for
Your local cruise specialist.


Call for Volunteers

Jazz is about Community!
This free open air concert will bring your artistic product to abroader community, with Thirty plus members from The brooklyn entertainment, Nightlife, educational and ecumenical communities, and with a six year track record we are aiming for maximun exposure! Allvolunteers willhave their name product and contact info listed im the event jounal A full pull ot segment distribute via press, web and our jaz lovers mailing list!

Vendor and Musician call!

The Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium will celebrate it’ 6th anniversary with a concert that celebrates “Jazz: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’. The event will be at the Herbert Von King Arts and recreation Center on Saturday October 29th 2005 from 1-5pm. Bring in the Fall with family and friends ! Enjoy noted jazz artists will attend, reminisce, perform and partake in a old fashioned Jam Session. Billed as a fund raiser the event is open to the public and will cover, jazz the music , it’s musicians and vocalist, dancers, poets and comedians; jazz in the community and jazz as enterprise! Musicians wishing to participate are advised to call the office! There are also some vendor spaces available contact the Ms Alma Carroll, at the CBJC offices


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Sunday , October 16th

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Joe-Joe Bentry - Trouble From Rome Joe-Joe Bentry recording artist, free mp3 and music video download of the controversial title track: Trouble From Rome, Recorded at Chelsea Studios, Nashville, Tennesee, U.S.A. ... 2005] CBJC, Central, Brooklyn Jazz Consortium Celebrates their 6th Anniversary. Jazz,

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Thank You To our Media Sponsors
Our Time press
Their continued support of the Brooklyn's arts, entertainment and business community is invaluable!

Other media contributors
Carriben Life

To enquire about attending press reception or for details please call office
or E-mail

to Add Your Name to our Press list Please call or e-mail
The Press release

Celebrating a Music and its lifestyle
Contact: Alma Carroll 1-718-875-1016
Brooklyn, NY (CBJC) October, 2005 –On October 29th 2005 at the Herbert Von king Arts and Cultural Center in Brooklyn, t he members of CBJC; musicians, vocalists, poets, churches, and community organization will walk attendees through a synopsis of the life style that was, is and will be jazz. Long recognized as America’s classical music, the genre is credited with over a century of existence and the Central Brooklyn Area has played a vital role in its success. , Scheduled from 1-5pm, "Jazz, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" is a free concert that will feature Emme Kemp as well as songstress Evelyn Blakey, first born of jazz legend Art Blakey, of the Jazz Messengers who was also a founder of the Hard-Bop era; Patsy Grant, Sandi O, Bob Cunningham, and Wayne Winston of NS Productions, A CBJC sponsored Youth ensemble,. There will also be a variety of other activities including a fashion presentation by Brooklyn designers, dance and comedy.
This event will showcase the jazz legends of our community as well as launch CBJC’s proposed “JAZZ HALL OF FAME!” Building Fund. Open to the public, the concert will showcase the various aspects of “jazz to the community”. We speak of “JAZZ” as “America’s indigenous music”, come out and partake of the heritage, wonders, and lifestyle and understand its true scope. Apart from traditional jazz vocalist and musicians there will be poetry, dance, art, fashion Comedy and even calypso acts. The CBJC’s has a directive to document the broader jazz lifestyle that came of age in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s
“Jazz has a tradition of community, many of the leaders of the civil rights movement were and are jazz enthusiasts, such as Martin Luther King Jesse Jackson and Adam Clayton Powell ” quotes Alma Carroll Widow of jazz singer Joe Carroll.
Since 1999, each year, starting with February, Black History month, CBJC has presented a remarkable program of live jazz performances, lectures and other events. CBJC programs pay homage to jazz greats, acknowledge the contribution of women artists, wives and family members, and acknowledge Brooklyn's jazz shrines, such as The Blue Coronet and Tony's Grand Dean. Founded by Jazzpazazz’s Alma Carroll, Viola Plummer of Sista's Place, the late Torrie McCartney, and Sam Pinn, 966 Jazz Program, CBJC is under the leadership of Jitu Weusi educator/cultural activist. The organization represents an ideal with more than thirty member organization representing every sector of the Central Brooklyn community, including the private and public sector, houses of worship, coffee shops, clubs, civic and fraternal groups and artists. One of Brooklyn's most respected nonprofit cultural organizations, CBJC sponsors include Council Member Albert Vann, Council Member Tish James, Assemblywoman Annette Robinson, Assemblyman Roger Green, the Yamaha Corporation of America and the more than thirty member organizations
"You are invited to have a remarkable musical and cultural afternoon, while supporting the continuation of community building in Central Brooklyn," stated event chair, Alma Carroll. "Jazz, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" special sponsors include Julius Spiegel, Borough Parks Commissioner, Our Time Press and the Brooklyn Free Press. CBJC hopes to establish a physical location to house these greats and their rich legacy. The process involves securing a suitable location as well as the collection of memorabilia, and stories. CBJC chair and board invites cordially you to come out in support of this cause. Those wishing to make contributions please call the CBJC offices @ 1-718-875-1016

Jazz, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow " on October 29th at Von King Cultural Arts Center in the heart of Central Brooklyn, is proof positive, that the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium is succeeding in its effort of preserving and promoting the legacy of Jazz.

For additional information visit CBJC office @ 1-718-875-1016

Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium is a 501(c) 3, charitable entity, registered with the State of New York. CBJC events are sponsored in part by Councilman Albert Vann; Assemblywoman Annette Robinson; Assemblywoman Tish James; Assemblyman Roger Green; The Yamaha Corporation of America; the BAM Local Development Corp.; Sugarhill Restaurant Supper Club & Disco; Restoration Center for Arts & Culture; The Daily Challenge; BCAT; Brooklyn Department of Parks; Ulysses Kilgore; JP Morgan Chase; Our Time Press; and the members of the CBJC.


Contact Information

For Further information Please call CBJC office @
or Mail to
Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium
23 Pulaski Street
Brooklyn Ny

for Matters concerning web postings please contact

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